About Us

We are so glad to meet you! You may be wondering; who is Pacific Unity Insurance Solutions? Maybe you could care less, but I am going to tell you anyway! 

Pacific Unity Insurance Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2015 by our President Zane Pexa. Zane grew up in insurance and has been dedicated to serve our clients with a humble, hungry, and loving attitude, as well as grow a team with the same mindset. At Pacific Unity, our goal is to help clients navigate risk and provide insurance solutions to protect from the unexpected. We do not look at clients as a transaction, we exist to cultivate and foster lasting relationship with everyone we come across. 

Insurance needs change over time and we want to be here for those life changes to better protect you, your family, and your largest assets. We are here to be your advocates and will always address opportunities and challenges head-on with accuracy and intensity. Our goal is to educate and provide you with the tools to have confidence in your coverage. 

Our team of experienced professionals are accessible, reliable, and ready to help. As a full-service agency, we are happy to address any questions, concerns or changes that need to be made to your insurance portfolio. We specialize in all personal, commercial and life insurance so can service any insurance needs you have. 

Being a broker allows us to always offer the best coverages at the most competitive rates. Insurance rates may change over time but with the extensive list of carriers we offer, we are never short on options. We look forward to serving you!